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Because I work with extremely busy professionals, I adjust my therapy to their lifestyles. That means I travel a lot. My clients choose me for my expertise, flexibility and willingness to go to extra lengths to accommodate their work/ lifestyle needs.

I’m based in London but I now count New York and Dubai as my second homes. I go to where my clients are. This way they can give me their full attention as and when they can, delivering better, faster and longer-lasting results.

At times I have an international client who prefers to come to London to undertake intensive daily therapy at my City Of London practice. We normally set aside a week in his or her hectic working schedule to really work on the issues the client is presenting. This way the client gets to fully concentrate on a therapy whilst being away from his or her normal life. I call it ‘self-development therapy holiday’.

Each of my clients has different, specific needs- just like you. The style and the type of therapy will be carefully tailored to your lifestyle and your exact needs.

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